First Post - Coming Out As A Spiritual Being

So many years I've been neglecting my inner hippy.
I guess it al started in high school, when I had to fit in.
Still, my yearbook clearly states I'm a natural hippy.

But what would constitute one (a hippy)?

Nowadays anyone who refuses to watch the news, anyone who talks hippy lingo (list below) or dedicates too much time to meditation, yoga or similar subjects.

Here are some keywords associated with 'hippiness':

  • Chakras
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Awakening
  • Light Workers

and others.

OK, I must admit I might be a bit biased. High school was long ago AND times have changed.

I also happen to live in Texas: state of the 'we like things as they were 200 years ago'...except for Austin, of course.

My goal is this: to bring awareness to those who might be interested in following a journey in spiritual self-discovery, of Yoga and Buddhist practice and spiritual development with some cool out-of-the-box super-human spiritual gadgets and tools we might find along (have you heard of Tibetan sound meditation?).

Hope you enjoy my blog as I craft along a cool community of spiritual allies.

Love, expansion to you. Namaste.